Meet the Team

Modest in number. Mighty in force.

Our staff represent a well-rounded and highly creative group of professionals who not only excel in their individual fields but also collaborate closely to deliver powerful brands and websites.  Meet the earnest team behind the work.  

  • Portrait of Marcus Iannozzi

    Marcus Iannozzi

    Founder and Principal

    Marcus graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and has over 20 years of experience implementing communications and marketing strategies for the public and nonprofit sectors. Entrepreneurial in spirit, but a poet at heart, Marcus firmly believes that business can be done differently. He has grown Message Agency from a solo practice to a thriving social enterprise with the sole mission of providing nonprofits, universities, foundations, and governments with the tools and resources they need to impact the greater good.

  • Portrait of Aaron Bauman

    Aaron Bauman

    Senior Software Engineer

    Aaron received his computer science degree from Columbia University and is the original architect for the suite of modules that integrate Drupal and Salesforce.

  • Portrait of Nikia Boyer

    Nikia Boyer

    Production Assistant

    Nikia uses her background in database management and quality assurance, along with her information technology degree, to help with QA, testing, and production.

  • Portrait of Matt Cavanaugh

    Matt Cavanaugh

    Senior Visual Designer and Brand Strategist

    Matt holds a Master’s in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York. A seasoned designer with 10 years of experience, his perspective as a fine artist informs his approach to delivering clean and accessible visual designs.

  • Portrait of Lisa Delgado

    Lisa Delgado

    Operations Manager

    Lisa draws on an accounting degree from Drexel and extensive experience in nonprofit and higher ed finance to manage our operations, contracts, billing, and financial reporting.

  • Portrait of Mimi Dobbins

    Mimi Dobbins

    UX/UI Designer

    Mimi is a thoughtful and versatile designer who is passionate about enhancing human interactions, maintaining empathy, and advocating for end-users.

  • Portrait of David Kosbob

    David Kosbob

    Senior Developer

    David draws on his years working in a nonprofit to ensure the experiences of site administrators are as elegant as those of end users.

  • Portrait Skyler Lawton

    Skyler Lawton

    Project Manager

    Skyler's project management approach benefits from both years of experience as an Operations Manager and technical education through Penn's Coding Bootcamp and a code academy at Stanford University.

  • Portrait Sam Mercury

    Sam Mercury

    Content Strategist

    Sam is a trained journalist turned copywriter and strategist with extensive experience in message development, branding, copywriting for digital and traditional channels, as well as specific expertise with higher education marketing.

  • Portrait of Shannon Moore

    Shannon Moore

    Senior Project Manager

    Shannon's background in Salesforce, business process analysis, requirements gathering, product management, and support help keep our technical projects on track.

  • Portrait of Alex Rhodes

    Alex Rhodes

    Software Engineer

    Alex has worked extensively with PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript for over a decade.

  • Portrait of Alyssa Rudnitskas

    Alyssa Rudnitskas

    Senior Digital Designer

    A Drexel-trained digital designer with 10 years of experience in UX design, Alyssa's expertise includes infusing accessibility into all aspects of her craft.

  • Portrait of Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas

    Senior Developer

    With a background in publishing, Andrew draws on 7 years of working with Drupal to help organizations solve problems and communicate effectively.

  • Portrait of Terrell Woodbury

    Terrell Woodbury

    Project Manager

    Terrell’s background in technical support, social media management, and customer service helped him realize that his love of technology is superseded only by his love for helping people.