Digital Impact Greenhouse

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The Digital Impact Greenhouse (DIG) is a new capacity-building and professional development program designed by Message Agency that helps nonprofit staff build expertise and skills around digital strategy.  


It allows nonprofits to invest in staff development and increase their organization's capacity to implement an effective digital campaign—not just once, but whenever they need it.  

Only 35% of nonprofits have succeeded in developing a formal digital strategy.

Has yours?

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Why was DIG created?

After decades of working with our nonprofit clients, we noted they often lack the skills and resources to fully capitalize on the digital tools we provide—websites, social strategy, e-newsletters, search engine marketing, analytics, and other platforms that increase online engagement and measure impact. What could we do to ensure nonprofit staff not only know how to use the tools we deliver but also how to develop a strategy around that use?

In 2017, we began developing DIG to help nonprofit staff gain the skills, perspective, and strategies they need to leverage digital platforms to raise funds, engage stakeholders, and better serve communities on their own and without the constant need of outside consultants.


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DIG and Our Mission

At Message Agency, we always want to design long-lasting solutions in partnership that reduce our clients’ dependence on us.  Those same principles apply to DIG. We observed a consistent skill gap, and we’re addressing it by meeting nonprofit staff where they are. It’s another way we can live up to our mission of digital impact for the greater good.

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What is DIG designed to do?

The program results in a Digital Impact Plan—a strategic and tactical playbook for a digital strategy that nonprofit staff create and implement in a real-world campaign.  Along the way, they also learn what consultants know:  how to think strategically about digital engagement, including how to make data-driven decisions, find areas of strength or weakness, or identify a return on investment.

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What are the program's outcomes?

  • More meaningful engagement with your stakeholders that is measurable and reportable. 
  • Greater capacity to implement campaigns and advanced digital strategies that increase impact.
  • Valuable professional development that benefits an  organization in both the short- and long-term.
  • Understanding of industry best practices from experts with over 20 years of experience.
  • Adoption of the same processes that our award-winning agency has leveraged to deliver on goals for clients across nonprofit sectors and across the country.
  • Increased effectiveness without increasing spending on consultants and contractors.
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Why Invest in Digital Strategy?

An effective digital strategy enables organizations to deliver on their missions and meet their strategic goals. Generally, nonprofits have two choices:  hire a consultant to deliver a one-time digital strategy, or ask staff to learn on their own.  Both approaches are expensive in terms of dollars, time, and resources.  Instead, nonprofits need cost-effective training that results in a practical and usable product, improves staff skills, and embeds learning within the organization.

DIG offers another option. Participants in this in-depth, cohort-based program walk away not just understanding how to use digital tools but how to design and run digital campaigns—defining the goals they need to achieve, the audiences they should target, the research that informs their strategy, the most effective channels to use, and the data collection methods to measure success.


Participant Testimonials

I would recommend it to organizations with limited staff capacity/expertise in marketing as a great tool for skill building and developing a campaign.

 “The course was informational and the staff made the lessons fun and relatable. It was also a collaborative virtual environment where everyone could help each other, and bounce ideas off of one another even if you weren't in the same group as others.”

I have lots of new tools in my toolbox, and some evidence-based reasons to start saying 'no' when projects don't make sense.

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