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Does your website create an inclusive or exclusive environment for your users? Let’s have a conversation and find out.

Digital Products for Humans, by Humans.

At Message Agency, we take a human-centric and empathetic approach to design that puts people first. It’s the idea that whether out of circumstance, choice, or context, people are diverse. With a “solve for one and extend to many” mentality, we strive to make every user’s experience comparable in value, quality, and efficiency.

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Web Agency for Accessibility

We’ve baked empathy into every step of our processes. As your creative partner, we’re committed to making and maintaining your conformance level, as well as ensuring equal and fair access to all of your users.

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Accessibility Audits

Not sure where to start? We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your web properties against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. We’ll use this to develop a clear remediation strategy for your organization.

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Accessibility Training

We want to empower your stakeholders to create their own culture of inclusion in their daily workflows. Message Agency uses hands-on-training around creating killer accessible web content to support you and your staff.

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Accessibility Speakers

Need a speaker for your event or webinar? We can’t shut up about web accessibility and universal design practices (we’re a blast at parties). Let us know what your topic is and we’d be more than happy to spread the good word.

Accessibility is an investment, not an expense.

Having an accessible site does more than just decrease your chance for legal action (though it’s definitely an attractive bonus!). By creating a digital space that prioritizes inclusion, you’re allowing more customers to have a positive experience with your brand. Often times, users will support organizations that share their values and become brand advocates for that company.

An accessible site will also tend to rank higher in search results, since its built with semantic elements, clean code, and compression in mind. When we neglect end exclude different segments of users, we devalue them, take away the opportunity for them to do business with us, and risk a public relations nightmare.

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