Drupal 7 Support Extended

It's the Final Countdown until Drupal 7's end-of-life...again.

What Does That Mean? 

The Drupal Association recently announced that they are extending support for sites that are currently on Drupal 7 through January 5, 2025. This final extension keeps Drupal 7 supported well past the previous date of November 1, 2023. Having an additional year-and-a-half of support can only be seen as a big win, as it allows folks more time to plan for a rebuild.

For more information about the extension and how it affects you, check out the statement on the Association's website, which is linked below.


Preparing for the Future

As all future Drupal platform upgrades will be on the same path, you will only need to rebuild your website once. If you haven't started the process yet and would like to do so, now is the time to start thinking about it! 

Reach out to us and plan your upgrade today!